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" Martin Bolliger can adapt well to all kinds of people and situations. "

" What is characteristic of Martin Bolliger is his thorough preparation and the psychological skill to always say the right thing and correct someone at the right moment. This also includes being persistent at the right moment. "

" Martin Bolliger led the team to understand how to deal with crises and how to overcome them. "

" All participants were enthralled by his capability to empathise, and by his straightforward yet very competent manner of leading discussions. We all benefited – and what is most important: we now use what we learned. "

" Martin Bolliger is not at all patronising. "

" Martin Bolliger and Max Rigendinger were an excellent team together during the seminar. They were both bursting with competence, enthralled everyone and responded to participants’ needs. A real highlight. "

Martin Bolliger is a competent training personality. His seminars are found to be both exciting and valuable because they relate closely to real life situations, they are oriented towards the participants’ experiences and also because of the challenging way in which they are conducted. "

…gives an exemplary performance of customer orientation. He speaks vividly in a way that is easy to understand. He creates an atmosphere of intense interest and excitement and holds the attention of the participants to such an extent that one can hear a pin drop. He responds to the group and changes his concepts if considered necessary and in the group’s interest. Sceptics are won over by his competence. "

…he managed to ‘break the ice’ immediately. The group atmosphere was very good the whole time. What I liked best was the relaxed atmosphere, which was partly due to the constellation of the participants and partly to the easy-going manner of our trainer. He knew how to step in at the right time to avoid hold-ups. "

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